About Us


The Nazareth Family Institute was founded formally in 2004 by the Community of Nazareth. It grew out of the experience of members who had been active in the service of Catholic/Christian Marriage and family life since 1974. These couples have been actively engaged in presenting married couple retreats, giving seminars, courses and talks on marriage, and in providing pre-marriage preparation and training. They also have been engaged in providing fertility care services, presenting courses and talks on parenting, participating in media discussions on marriage and family life, and in running Christian Youth Programs.


The Aims of the Nazareth Family Institute are to carry out studies and provide educational services in the area of Catholic/Christian Marriage and family life. In pursuit of these Aims, the Institute offers marriage preparation courses for engaged couples, marriage enrichment courses, training in fertility care, promotion of understanding of Catholic teaching on marriage, sexuality and family life and courses on parenting. A Certificate of Attendance is provided at the end of each pre-marriage course.